Temporary Residence


A foreigner who intends to visit the country for recreational purposes for less than six months, needs the authorization to enter Canada (visitor visa or electronic travel authorization), if not a citizen/resident of a visa-free country.


A foreigner who intends to study in Canada, for more than six months, must apply for a study permit. This type of visa authorizes the foreign to work up to 20h / week during the study period in Canada. Also, the student's spouse may apply for a work permit.


You want to find work in Canada related to your education, training, and experience. You may entitle to benefits with this work experience, such as becoming eligible for Skilled Worker Program or qualifying one of Provincial Nominee Programs.

Super Visa

This type of visa allows parents and grandparents of permanent residents or Canadian citizens to stay in Canada for up to 2 years, without having to extend their visitor status.

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